Saab CEO Receives Swedish Business Award for Outstanding Achievements

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The professionalism of Saab Automobile CEO Jan Åke Jonsson was recognized today when he received the prestigious annual award for Outstanding Achievements from the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
During a deep global recession in the auto industry, Jonsson led Saab Automobile through a restructuring process and protracted sale negotiations that continued for over a year. The future of the company was eventually secured when Saab Automobile was acquired from General Motors by Spyker Cars N.V. of the Netherlands in February this year.
The award recognizes Jonsson’s role in preserving Saab as part of a strong automotive industry cluster in west Sweden. The citation praises him for “standing up for the company in a strenuous, persistent and professional way. His capacity to handle all stakeholders has strengthened his image as a highly respected leader inside Saab. He is a model for others within the West Swedish economy.”
Jonsson received the award from Finn Johnsson, Chairman of the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry at its annual congress in Gothenburg. Victor Muller, Chairman of Saab Automobile and CEO of Spyker Cars N.V., who successfully concluded negotiations with General Motors, was also in attendance.

Jonsson and Muller together addressed the congress, explaining how they fought to save Saab Automobile and the Saab brand, and how they will take the company forward as a profitable, sustainable and independent car maker.
“I am very proud to accept this award,” said Jan Åke Jonsson. “However, it would not have been possible without the commitment and tremendous dedication shown by all Saab employees during such a challenging time in the company’s history.
“We are now all focused together on securing a successful future. With the launch of the all new Saab 9-5 this summer, and work on a number of other exciting new cars going on behind the scenes, our plans are firmly on track.”

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