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We want to know what your repair experience was like with us.   We take pride in all of the vehicles that we service and want to make sure that we’re satisfying each and every one of our customers.

We may not have a 5000 gallon tropical fish tank in the lobby, but you’ll have a comfortable place to sit if you care to wait during service and we appreciate your choice to continue using Carter’s Saab for your service and repair needs.



  1. Tom Carter spent a full 8 hours reparing extensive problems I had after purchasing a 2002 Saab 9-5 linear. It was leaking oil like a wounded animal. Tom fixed the problems with the car and got it right the first time. The car now runs like a dream. Expert work Tom. I even had trouble locating some blown climate control bulbs. Tom provided the for free, while the dealers would have charged a arm and a leg. Tom Carter will be the only guy to get under the hood of my Saab! Put your Saab in expert hands!!!

  2. I have been going to Carters Saab Service for years. This is my second Saab 9-3. They always have fantastic turn around time and I have never had to bring it back for a “re-repair”. I cant say that for the saab dealerships. He even does work on my VW Passat. The price is fair and I like keeping my money in the neighborhood.
    Nice work as usual.

    Steve S

  3. Tom is simply the best. He is especially good at trying to make the repairs as efficent and appropriate as possible and he knows Saabs better than any of the mechanics at the dealerships. If he can utilize a used part he will and he is very honest about what repairs to make and what the costs are. I wish every mechanic was as skilled, accomodating, honest and good natured as Tom. I highly recommend him. My car has never worked better since I started to taking it to Tom (after the dealer) eight years ago.

  4. I took my 2003 Saab convertible to Carters Saab Service with a grinding noise. Tom checked out my car and stated that my brakes were grinding. He replaced my brakes, changed my fluids, and fixed an intermintent running problem that the dealer couldn’t figure out. I definitely reccommend any Saab owner to call Carters Saab Service!

  5. Tom is simply unequalled in his knowledge of Saab automobiles and his persistence in problem solving. He stayed with a nearly impossible problem with my airbags until he nailed it. He is extremely fair in his prices, as well. Highly recommended!

  6. I was in the process of flying to Philadelphia from Portland, Maine to look at a Saab 9-5. I knew that it would be money well spent to find a qualified Saab mechanic to inspect the car instead of just doing my own visual inspection and test drive. To make a long story short, I did a Google search from Maine and found Tom’s website and gave him a call. Tom has spent over one hour of his valuable time on 3 different phone calls to help me out. His final advice was to NOT buy the Saab in PA because it was over priced. He could easily said, “sure, drive it up to me when you get to Philly and I will spent 1.5 hours to go through the car for you”. Instead he passed up my business and suggested that I look at other cars in Maine. I wish that I had more space here to write the end of the story. Bottom line: If I lived within 50 miles of Phoenixville, PA, Tom would be the guy that would be working on my Saab! He knows his stuff, cares about people and loves to work on Saab’s!

  7. Late afternoon and my idler pulley went bad close to home in Lower Merion. Lost power steering and alternator and called Tom and even though his shop was really backed up he said bring it in early the next day (he asked me if I had AAA so I could save money not having him tow me). I had it towed to his shop early the next morning by AAA (he had come in very early that day to clear a couple of jobs to accomodate me), he immediately put it into the shop replaced both pulleys and serpentine belt in less than an hour. He was done by 9:45 and I was on my way. A superb job accompanied as usual with his good humor and a little bit of Tom Carter philosphy.

  8. Couldn’t Be More Pleased I recently purchased a 1999 Saab 9-3 Sedan, I’ve wanted this particular model for years, and shopped around, and found the perfect one. It was Jersey inspected, and I reside in PA so I wanted to find a local specialist so I wouldn’t pay and arm and a leg, by going to the dealer. I found it here! with just a 2 person staff they run that shop like a well oiled Saab 🙂 After bringing my Saab there they informed me I would need a new ABS control module (a $2000 factory part I got for $550) talk about excellent price and service. when all was said and done including inspection and labor I paid $900 I think that’s amazing, considering Saab repair bills usually are in the thousands, any Saab owner and lover can attest to that, but we love the cars regardless 🙂 When I came to pick it up they insisted I drive it before paying to make sure I was satisfied, which of course I was and I drove away a happy, and returning customer…..even better part they called a week later just to check up again and see how my baby was running, if that isn’t great hometown service, I don’t know what is..

  9. Tom is the best. He is honest and straight forward. I have a 1999 Saab 9-3 Convertible. For 5 years I have been looking for a knowledge Saab repair shop that provides value for price paid in the Philadelphia area. Well I finally found that in Tom Carter. He gets my highest recommendation. Only shop that I will let work on my car from now on. You can’t go wrong with Tom.


  10. Tom spent three days and through New Years Day to get my 9-5 back together. He clearly explained the problems and offered appropriate options for my 7 year old Saab. Tom’s shop is little far from Center City but is worth the trouble. I recommend to have your Saab serviced by Tom.

  11. All the accolades Tom has received here are accurate. What I can add is that Tom is not only talented, and experienced, but he is also patient and he takes the time to listen and really wants to understand the problem. “So tell me more about that…”, “What were you doing?”, “Did you do this?” “Did you do that?”

    Instead of simply saying ‘bring it in’, you get the sense that he *gets* it. And that he will fix it. Happy to have found someone who can keep my car nicely tuned and running for years to come. Thanks, Tom!

  12. Sadie Saab Obituary, 1991-2011

    It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Sadie SAAB 1991-2011. Sadie SAAB died peacefully at her home in Phoenixville on Friday September 9, 2011 with her dearest friend by her side.

    We will all remember Sadie for her perseverance, loyalty and concerns for the safe travels of all who crossed her path. Most especially, we will remember Sadie for her sense of humor, and her knack for entertaining us with her funny sounds and quirks.

    Sadie SAAB is survived by her constant companion, MS, her adoring family EA and FK, E and SS, and wonderful nieces and nephews who will miss her dearly. Sadie will be sorely missed by her caretaker for the past 12 years….Tom Carter, who was always there for Sadie, during any difficulties that she had during her long life.

    Sadie SAAB will be honored posthumously with the Purple Heart Citation.

    Respectfully submitted – MS


  13. Tom is a truly awesome guy with integrity. I live in Philadelphia he’s in Phoenixville 30 miles away. He had no problem calling me and helping me with some very useful tips to help me get up and running. He shared a lot of great knowledge with me as I am pretty well mechanically inclined I am very thankful he actually called me back first thing the next morning after I left a message for him. I am not newbie when it comes to luxury cars but I am pretty new to the saab market. He did not try to upsale me nor hide any knowledge, instead he shared his expertise. I can’t believe my ears! For the first time in my 33 years a mechanic actually tried to help somebody OVER THE PHONE without trying to rape them financially! Tom you are awesome I owe you lunch! As soon as I get this bad boy running I’m test driving her all the way up to you to surprise you, so be prepared! 🙂 words cannot express how grateful I am . Thanks again Tom you are truly a great guy!

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