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One of the comments we hear most is how Saabs seem to be built around the driver, almost as if they were more the cockpit of a plane than the cabin of a car.   People who make this claim are more right than they could possibly know. Because the fact is, before Saab AB made cars, they made jets.

And the very first Saab car was designed and hand built by 16 aircraft engineers. Only one of which had a driver’s license. Amusing as it sounds, this anecdote sums up all that makes Saab different: Clean, aerodynamic lines, efficiency and functionality, and innovations beyond what people would expect from a car.

Over the years, our designers’ contributions to the automotive industry have been as significant as turbocharged technology and side-impact protection systems, and as sublime as disappearing cup holders.

It’s easy to get caught up in Saab’s history. It’s even easier to get excited about its future.

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