List of Repairs & Costs from Dealer for our 2006 SAAB 97x. WWould hope that someone can do for a more reasonable amount: for the first concern on the repair order: hard start, low idle and feels like want to stall – cam phazer actuator- $293.00 (affects engine timing) – #4 ignition coil -$165.00 (affects spark and combustion) – Throttle Body- $563.00 (affects fuel management and combustion) – MAP sensor- 189.00 (affect fuel management and combustion) for the second concern for the fuel level being inaccurate: – replace fuel level sensor-$475.00 during our multi-point vehicle inspection the technician recommended: – replace drive belt tensioner and idler-$395.00 – replace burnt out left headlamp bulb-$43.00 – replace spark plugs-$255.00 (preventative because of drivability concerns). Would like to have towed to your place to have it fixed.

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